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Lucidchart Introduces Visual Reasoning Engine to Usher in the Powerful Combination of Diagramming, Collaboration and Data Visualization

Lucidchart, the leading visual workspace, announced its visual reasoning engine, which powers the platform’s automation and data visualization capabilities, along with new features and integrations designed to combine diagramming, collaboration and data visualization to accelerate understanding and drive innovation. Lucidchart enables its more than 15 million users to gain an elevated perspective on complex problems and processes through its powerful diagramming core and collaboration features. The addition of the visual…

Lucidchart Announces New Integration with GitHub to Increase Understanding Among Teams

New Offering Allows Individuals to Include Diagrams Where They Work Lucidchart, the visual productivity platform that drives innovation and collaboration, announced its new integration with GitHub, one of the leading software development platforms. Lucidchart is one of four launch partners for the Content Attachments API, which embeds the content behind a URL directly into a GitHub conversation to provide better context. “We’re very excited to work with GitHub,” said Karl Sun, co-founder and CEO of Lucidchart.…