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How Consumer Goods Leaders Can Meet Customization Demands

Eighty-six percent of consumers want products tailored to their unique preferences. And they expect brands to make it happen: 42% of consumers who seek customized products want brands to provide a selection of options. In short, brands have their work cut out for them. To rise to the challenge, leaders in consumer goods need to harness the power of technology. But with a blank slate initiative and hundreds of tools available, where do you start? For product customization goals, look to CPQ and next-generation…

TechBytes with Kevin Bennett, CTO and Co-Founder at KBMax

Tell us about your role and the team/technology you handle at KBMax. I act as a CTO and Co-founder of KBMax, overseeing Technical Operations for the company’s groundbreaking Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions. What is the current technology roadmap to build CPQ products?  CPQ technology has primarily been used in the B2B space to help businesses sell to other businesses more efficiently. It has been implemented to significantly improve the quoting process for custom products, which allows salespeople to improve…