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TechBytes with Nipul Chokshi, VP Marketing, Lattice Engines

Nipul Chokshi VP, Marketing, Lattice Engines A Martech RADAR 2018 company and a global leader in Marketing Analytics for B2B marketing, Lattice Engines, positions itself uniquely in the ever-growing ABM spectrum. The ABM with predictive intelligence provider has carved itself a niche by enabling B2B marketers to create predictive-based winning ABM campaigns and generate revenue that directly impacts marketing and sales programs. Nipul Chokshi, VP Marketing, Lattice Engines, untangled the various facets of the company's …

Lattice Engines Launches the First Customer Data Platform for Account-Based Marketing

Lattice Atlas Uses AI To Scale ABM Across All Accounts Using Both First And Third Party Data Lattice Engines, the leading provider of AI-enabled ABM solutions, has launched its next-generation platform called Lattice Atlas. The platform helps customers connect their data across all internal and external sources, create a single view of the customer journey, and centralize audience creation and measurement across all channels. Marketing organizations struggle to scale their Account-Based Marketing (ABM)…