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List Partners Acquires AAR Partners to Unify B2B Data Prospecting and Agency Search

Since Inception in 1980, AAR Partners Has Counseled More Than 1,500 Marketers over the Years and Are Proud to Say That AAR has Forged Partnerships That Impact Brand Valuation List Partners, leading B2B information services and consulting company specializing in the advertising space, has announced the acquisition of agency search consultancy, AAR Partners. Currently, AAR Partners specialized in “Creating smAARt Relationships Impacting ROI”. Since 1980, AAR Partners has counseled more than 1,500 marketers over the years…

Winmo Acquries Redbooks to Further Refine B2B Sales Intelligence

Redbooks' Acquisition Enriches Winmo’s Sales Intelligence Dataset and Secures Its Position as the Most Widely Used and Highly Rated B2B Sales Intelligence Provider for the Advertising Industry Winmo, a product of List Partners, has acquired Redbooks. The acquisition is seen as a move that solidifies Winmo's position as a market-leading B2B sales intelligence provider to the advertising industry. The acquisition delivers on the company’s mission to provide the most comprehensive and forward-looking sales data, empowering…