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Comcast Spotlight Brings Greater Accountability to Local TV Advertising with Launch of New Attribution Solution

Instant IMPACT, powered by TVSquared, is a scalable, automated tool that allows local advertisers to track a television campaign’s impact on digital activity, including website visits. Comcast Spotlight announced the launch of an attribution solution that will bring greater accountability to local TV advertising, allowing Comcast Spotlight clients to help drive online purchases. The product, Instant IMPACT – launched in partnership with TVSquared, an industry leader in TV attribution – allows local cable TV…

An Automated Supply-Side Platform Ecosystem: The Future of Local TV Advertising

Despite the rise of digital advertising, local TV remains one of the most powerful mediums for reaching mass audiences. According to BIA/Kelsey, US local television advertising revenue is expected to hit $20.8 billion this year. At the heart of this robust marketplace, is a series of technological advancements revolutionizing the way local TV advertisements are bought and sold. Powered by automated inventory transactions and the growth of supply-side platforms (SSPs), the future of local linear TV advertising is as powerful…