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IMVU: The World’s Leading Avatar-Based 3D Social Network Launches a Localized Mobile App for South Korea

IMVU, the leading avatar-based social network, announces the official launch of the Korean version of the App. The company recently reported a significant increase in users from South Korea in the last year and responded to the growth with an IMVU experience that is localized to the Korean culture, language, and people. The Korean language version of the IMVU app is available on the iOS App store and Google Play store. "We noticed a surge in IMVU app downloads in South Korea earlier this year, but since the app was in…

TechBytes with Lomit Patel, Vice President, Growth, IMVU

Lomit Patel Vice President, Growth, IMVU Mobile Growth Summit 2018 – the largest mobile marketing growth conference will kick off next week in SF, California. The two-day event, on 7 -8 February, would witness a footfall of 1000+ mobile marketers from more than 600 diversified business groups. To demonstrate how business leaders see next-gen technologies in mobile marketing in 2018, we spoke to a bunch of CEOs, Marketing Executives, Product Officers and Mobile Growth-Hackers. We spoke to Lomit Patel, VP, Growth,…