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College Pulse Delivers First Real-Time Data Analytics Platform for Tracking US College Student Opinion

Company Raises $1.5 Million from Leading Venture Capital and EdTech Investors College Pulse, a survey research and data analytics company, co-founded by Terren Klein and Robin Jayaswal, has developed the first real-time data analytics platform to track and predict US college students' opinions, interests and buying behavior. Recent survey research reports include: Divided Legacy: Students' Perceptions on Affirmative Action, Expectations vs. Reality: Early Career Salaries, and Political Intelligence: The State of the 2020…

Interview with Kabir Shahani, CEO, Amperity

"All the content we’re producing right now is geared towards educating the market on the value of CDPs."Tell us about your role at Amperity and how you got there? How does your entrepreneurial experience help you run a tech company? When I first started out, companies had tons of data and knew it was valuable, but lacked the technology to utilize it properly and get real value from it. That’s what inspired my Co-founder Derek Slager and I to launch our first startup, Appature, which focused on helping healthcare…