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Poor Call Handling Results in Lost Sales Opportunities and Negative Customer Experiences

Marchex Institute Study Finds Hotel and Cruise Industries Lose Significant Volume of Customers Due to Poor Call Handling  Call analytics leader, Marchex, has released a series of reports that measure the call handling performance of hotel and cruise brands. By analyzing 5.8 million calls to 13 hotel brands and 84,000 calls to four cruise lines, the Marchex Institute identified key call handling challenges the industries are facing, resulting in lost sales opportunities and negative customer experiences. Marchex's…

TechBytes with Erin Murphy, Analytics Manager, Marchex

Erin Murphy Analytics Manager, Marchex Call analytics for sales is a powerful tool from a modern context. For companies looking to automate their sales cycle, call analytics and tracking could vastly improve how their sales reps engage with the customers and close more deals. We spoke to Erin Murphy, Analytics Manager at Marchex, to understand how the automotive and travel industries have embraced this emerging technology.Tell us about your role at Marchex and the team/technology you handle. I’m a Data Analytics…