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Why Collaborative Technologies Need a Bigger Role in the Martech Stack as CMOs Expand In-House Creative Agencies?

The modern marvel of Martech stack has brought us better insight, targeting, timing and reach. In many ways, the advent of Marketing Technology has facilitated tighter campaign integration, better reporting and a strong alignment with sales. Yet, technology has also left marketing with a greater need for Creative Content – the fuel of the marketing engine. Through these platforms, we have acquired and stacked across our marketing organizations' run-on content. Without content, there is nothing to distribute, no message…

Refining the Fuel for the Mobile Marketing Engine

How Setting Fundamental Audience-Building Techniques Will Help Marketers Get a Leg up in Their Targeting Strategies Being complacent in business has never been beneficial, but when considering this through the lens of the rapidly-changing data landscape, complacency is going to cost your company now more than ever. The marketing ecosystem is transforming faster every day, and advertisers are always searching for the next big trend to get a leg up in their targeting strategies. For smart marketers, it’s all about combining…