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5 Marketing Tips for Solopreneurs

It’s a fantastic feeling to have a business idea, and boldly go solo and execute it. Once the business is established, the onus is on letting the maximum number of people to take notice. Strategy-driven Marketing is not an easy task, especially for solopreneurs. With digital taking over the world, Marketing is now broadly classified into online and offline. Solopreneur-run businesses are usually home-based, making online marketing much more essential than offline. Here are a few Marketing ideas that can act as a…

Marketing Ideas to Increase Footfalls to Your Retail Store

Footfalls to a retail store have been a measure of its success and it is surprising to see it still being an important indicator even after digitalization. 94% of the sales are generated at physical stores but to reach a larger target group and increase the number of footfalls in the store is still a challenge. If you own a brick and mortar store, targeted Marketing activities to increase the visitors to your store is a direct way of improving your Sales. But, you will need historic data to set a benchmark and to create a…