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Taking Control of Performance Marketing Data

Traditional performance marketing involves sharing the responsibility for lead generation with companies outside your organization (e.g. distributors, resellers, agents, and alliances). This creates an element of risk because you’re putting your brand reputation in the hands of others, and sharing consumer data with companies and people you have no direct control over. Also Read: Data 101 to Set Your Data-Driven Marketing Ablaze Technology and Data Over the last decade, advances in data management technology have driven…

Interview with Ken Leren, Founder, Tech Essence

"The shift in the market towards getting consent for marketing will result in a more B2C-like approach to B2B brand advertising ." Tell us about your role and how you got here? What galvanized you to start Tech Essence? I’m the founder of Tech Essence and brain behind Marketing Town, a SaaS-based marketing technology that provides marketers with a trustworthy and transparent solution to make faster, data-driven marketing optimization decisions based on a clear view of their data. The idea came to me as a result of…