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Marshall McLuhan

Publisher-Based Optimization in Mobile Marketing Because the Medium Is the Message

In 1960, Marshall McLuhan noted philosopher, academic and media critic, coined the expression “the medium is the message.” Since then, marketers and researchers have found that media context impacts ad recall, recognition, level and nature of processing, attitude, cognition, brand attitude, and purchase intent (source: “The Medium As A Contextual Cue,” Micael Dahlen, Journal of Advertising). These results make sense. When we’re reading about travel, we’re intuitively more open to marketing messages about hotels and vacation…

Top 5 Mobile Ad Tech Trends at DMEXCO 2018

The digital economy is evolving at breakneck speed and DMEXCO, which took place in Cologne on September 12 and 13, gathered thought leaders across the digital marketing industry under one roof. The 41,000 visitors-strong event is held annually in Germany, so the focus is both on global and European topics. This year’s motto was “Take C.A.R.E.” – a timely reminder that the digital economy is aware of users’ needs and the ad tech industry should be making a shift towards more transparent communication. With pivotal changes…