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Neil Hammerton

Eight Tips for Building Trust With Your Customers

Trust is paramount in the customer-company relationship. However, not all businesses realize how easily it can be lost. From data breaches to privacy concerns to legal and independent investigations, there are many factors that can affect a customer’s trust in a company. In fact, Salesforce’s third State of the Connected Customer report revealed that 84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or service. Furthermore, 73% of customers say a company’s trustworthiness matters more…

Humans vs. Machines – the Future of Communication

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being integrated into everyday life. The technology is so advanced that, in some cases, you may not even realize it is there. Whether this scares you or intrigues you, AI is more life-like than ever before – from robots at airports to security at your grocery store. One industry that is becoming synonymous with the use of AI technology is customer service. Consumers are face-to-face (or voice-to-voice) with chatbots on a regular basis when communicating with brands via their…