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The Effectiveness Recipe for NFP Ads

In my previous article, I explored how emotions play a big part in Not-For-Profit ads, showing how happy and positive emotions boost long term effectiveness; while sadness only results in short term growth. This time I’d like to consider the other elements that make successful NFP ads. My colleague Orlando Wood, in his latest book with the IPA, explained that ads can appeal to either the right or the left part of the brain and that most effective ones are usually those that talk to the right brain. Decades of pop…

Can Positive Charity Ads Have More Impact?

Since 2017, we have been recording, analyzing, and tracking every ad released in the UK and US in the not-for-profit sector (other sectors, of course, are available). We predict both short term sales spikes and long-term brand building based on the performance of the ad. Because of my work with SURF Survivors Fund in Rwanda, this is an area that has interested me greatly since we started, but it’s been disappointing to see that non-profit advertising is consistently one of the worst performers across sectors for long term…