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Interview with Oliver Roup, Founder and CEO, VigLink

"Affiliate marketing is just starting to make the leap from hard-coded links to a render-time decision, and the ability to utilize data to drive performance is going to have a huge impact." On Affiliate Marketing Technology MTS: Tell us a little bit about your role at VigLink and how you got here? (What inspired you to start an affiliate marketing company) Oliver: I was looking for a business to start and became interested in affiliate marketing, but after logging into an affiliate marketing platform, the process as it…

The State of Affiliate Marketing By Oliver Roup, CEO of VigLink

Affiliate marketing should be part of every online business’s suite of digital products, and for good reason. In fact, the affiliate marketing industry is estimated to grow to 6.8 billion dollars by 2020. VigLink conducted a survey of 500 publishers and 100 merchants that currently use an affiliate marketing program. The survey also explored the current industry sentiment, and expectations for the future. The results showcase the high performance of affiliate service, and how publishers and merchants plan to increase their…