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Olivier Njamfa

79% of UK Consumers Will Switch Brand If Trust Breaks Down

Eptica Research Finds Automotive, Technology, Insurance and Government Least Trusted Sectors Failing to build trust undermines customer loyalty and damages revenues, with over three quarters (79%) of consumers saying they’ll leave a supplier that they don’t trust. At the same time, focusing on getting customer service basics right and listening to consumers will help brands more than advertising, with 63% of consumers ranking easy processes as a top three factor in building trust These are the headline findings of the…

Put Knowledge at the Heart of Your CX; Or, Consumers Shall Move to Rivals 

In a Recent Report by Eptica, 94% of UK Consumers Say Personalized Answers Will Make Them More Loyal – with 84% Switching to Competitors If Responses Disappoint Providing more detailed, personalized answers to consumer questions on their channel of choice are now key to winning and retaining customers – but brands in the UK are failing to meet rising expectations. 91% of consumers surveyed by Eptica say not answering their questions satisfactorily annoys them and makes them less loyal, with 75% complaining that customer…