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Ready or Not! a Quick Guide to CCPA and How Brands Can Prepare

Consumer expectations of online advertising are rising; yet, many reports reveal brands don’t deliver on these expectations. Accenture states that over 60 percent of customers have stopped doing business with at least one company because of poor customer experience. What’s more, there have been instances of highly publicized data misuses and privacy breaches, which combined have led to an environment of consumer distrust. This loss of trust has ushered in a new era of Digital Marketing, marked by consumers’ heightened…

Ways to Play the SaaS Game of Price Is Right

The longest-running American TV game show host Bob Barker once said, "You can't fool television viewers with dancing girls and flashing lights.” The same mindset goes with prospects. The smoke and mirrors show won’t get you far when potential customers decide on who to pick when they come down to price. This is the fork in the road for every software company ready to sell their service or product. With the goal of getting on the right path to revenue, SaaS organizations are often thrown into a debacle of what pricing model…