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GoodFirms Research Reveals Inputs of Leading Industry Influencers on Future of PPC-AI Marketing

These days, digital space is evolving swiftly, and you can find a huge rise of innovative ideas and tactics that can be used for branding. As the technology is rapidly changing constantly, it is better to start implementing the latest technologies, strategies and tools to stay ahead of your competitors. It is the era for the Top Digital Marketing Agencies and marketers to analyze and study the new changes that are becoming part of digital advertising. Today, digital marketing itself is…

How to Do Keyword Research in 5 Steps

The real estate market feels more and more cluttered, making competition fierce. If they’re not careful, agents can get lost in the crowd online. The approach to Marketing as a real estate agent is nuanced given their very specific, local target. When it comes to launching a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, the real estate space is unique. Since the target customer is very specific, keywords must be specific too, and this requires research. Keyword research can be complicated and confusing, but the reality is, it needs to be…