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Precima Presents the Latest Trends in Digital Shopper Personalization at NRF’s 2020 Big Show

Precima, a global retail strategy, analytics and cloud software company that provides data-driven solutions to retailers, is starting off the new year sharing impactful research on how shopper behaviors are changing the way retailers need to engage them in an Exhibitors Big Ideas session at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2020. The session, which includes data and insights from the latest research from IDC, sponsored by Precima, titled: Personalization is Driving Digital Food Retailing, will be presented by…

New Research Sponsored By Precima Shows Shoppers Expect Even More Personalization in Digital Food Retail

Retailers Must Act Quickly to Develop a Detailed Understanding of Shopping Missions, Improve Their Ability to Customize Promotions and Maintain Assortments at Appropriate Levels to Succeed The fast-changing dynamics of the food retailing environment continue to challenge companies to keep pace with fast-changing shopper demands. The latest of these shifting shopper requirements involves their behavior on digital platforms and is creating an imperative for grocers to compete across all shopper touchpoints, digital and in…