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Predictions Series 2020

CCPA Insights Series Part 2: A New Era in Internet Data Monitoring Begins in the US

Matt Dumiak, Director of Privacy Services, Customer Engagement Compliance at CompliancePoint, a subsidiary of PossibleNOW. To give consumers the most control, organizations should consider offering a granular opt-down and opt-out option. This can be accomplished through the preference center. Once a consumer does choose to opt-out or opt-down, the organization must honor the request for a minimum of 12 months before seeking additional permissions from the consumer to sell their personal data. The opt-down approach is…

Predictions Series: Top Five 2020 Marketing Trends to Budget for Now

With 2020 around the corner, it is time to start working on our Marketing strategies for the following year. But before we decide on what our companies will tackle in the year to come, let us take a look at the top five 2020 Marketing trends we need to budget for now. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The search engine industry has seen some changes and updates to the search algorithms, all to cater to the needs of users. Snippets, ever since their introduction, have become the holy grail of SEO. Google stated last year…