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PX Launches Enhanced Feature Set for Publisher Monetization

API Version 2.0 Streamlines Integration; New Features Drive Optimization and Scale PX, the leading platform for customer acquisition, announced significant platform updates and a new application program interface, PX API Version 2.0, to drive efficiency for publishers. The updated API is one of a series of enhancements that enable more publishers to quickly and easily connect to the over 2,000 lead buying campaigns running on the PX platform. The PX Open Exchange currently offers marketers high-quality leads from more…

Alder Home Security Selects PX to Centralize Customer Acquisition Efforts

PX Private Marketplaces seen as key to long-term customer acquisition growth strategy PX, the leading platform for customer acquisition, today announced an agreement with Alder Holdings, LLC to centralize Alder’s customer acquisition activity and online publisher relationships through the PX platform. Alder will utilize PX Private Marketplaces to purchase leads and calls, to create efficiencies, and strategically grow their customer base. Under the agreement, PX Private Marketplaces will allow Alder to maintain its…