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#Relater 2020: MarTech Interview with Jeff Titterton, CMO at Zendesk

“The biggest challenge for any CMO today is that our role has fundamentally changed and evolved. We're no longer brand storytellers devoted solely to Outbound Marketing. We’re now stewards of the entire customer experience from awareness and acquisition to engagement and retention.” From majoring in English to leading some of the most prolific Marketing and Sales teams in the Subscription economy, could you walk us through your journey to becoming Zendesk CMO? I started my career as a Writer and Editor working in…

MarTech Interview with Shawna Wolverton, SVP of Product at Zendesk

"Product Managers don’t worry too much about robot overlords taking our jobs. It is so much more art than science." About Shawna You were part of the first Localization Product Management team at Salesforce. Today, you lead Product Management at Zendesk. How has your role evolved in the last few years? My career has never been a straight line, I’ve moved in and out of Localization, Marketing and Product Management roles for the last 25 years. I took a big step back in my career to join Salesforce as their Localization…