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Retargeting Fraud

In-App Advertising Fraud: The Biggest Threats to Advertisers

In 2018, mobile ad spending accounted for nearly 70 percent of all digital advertising and surpassed TV as the leading advertising medium in the U.S. Not surprisingly, as brands allocate more of their ad budgets to mobile, the channel has also attracted fraudsters looking to game the system and turn a quick buck. Fraud in the mobile ecosystem is top of mind for advertisers, but few in the industry want to discuss the topic in the detail it warrants. However, it is only through frank and transparent discussions about fraud…

The Three Types of Ad Fraud Marketers Should Know About – and How to Tackle Them

Predicted to cost brands $16.4 billion last year alone, ad fraud is a growing challenge that a marketer can no longer ignore. And with fraudsters constantly adjusting their tactics to evade detection, staying one step ahead can seem like an impossible challenge. Marketers must educate themselves on the different types of fraud – including the latest tactics – and work with their ad tech partners to protect their campaigns and stay above the fray. In this article, we’ll describe three types of ad fraud marketers need to be…