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Membrain Partners With DecisionLink to Drive Better Value Conversations

An Additional Benefit of Using the Membrain/Decisionlink Combination Is That It Creates Valuable Touchpoints for Salespeople to Build Relationships A new partnership between DecisionLink and Membrain will make it easier for sales teams to consistently have substantive value conversations with prospects at every stage of the sales process, increasing both deal values and win rates. DecisionLink's ValueCloud platform guides salespeople through an easy-to-use workflow about a given opportunity and then produces…

Sales Performance Gap: The #1 Reason VPs of Sales Miss Their Revenue Targets

Maybe your first thought was a dearth of decent leads. Or, general all-around inefficiency or ineffectiveness. Think again. The key reason teams miss their quotas is the sales performance gap. As you know, we can map a sales team’s performance onto a bell curve. The sales performance gap is what separates the top 20% — the high performers — from the rest of the pack. These superstars are the ones who outpace their peers in all the important performance metrics. But here’s the kicker. In most…