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Why Measurement Matters to Influencers Now More Than Ever

We all know that social media is about influencing and being influenced, but how much is it about trusting and being trusted? According to research from media agency UM, only eight percent of people trust what they read online, and only four percent trust influencers. This data doesn’t change the fact that word-of-mouth is still the most effective form of Marketing. However, amid accusations of follower and engagement fraud, failure to disclose brand sponsorships, and various high-profile influencer scandals, it’s not…

Programmatic Clean-Up on Brand Safety: It’s Just a Conscious Process

Programmatic ad buying declined in the first quarter of this year, which comes as no surprise after its reputation was blighted by issues of brand safety, fake news, and poor user experience, as well as an industry call to action for a return to quality over quantity. But it’s all too easy to point the finger at tech and machines that promise scale and efficiency in ad execution. Programmatic is just a mechanism after all – a technological process that performs a task based on instructions. While the technology must be…