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10 Terrible Ways to Start a Presentation

We‘ve all seen presentations to large groups where the presenter takes the stage nervous, sweating, with a dry mouth and a carefully chosen statement intended to kick off his or her PowerPoint. A strong start to a presentation can secure the attention of your audience as it engages their attention and willingness to step into the flow of your story. But a bad start can doom the presentation before it ever gets off the ground. One way to learn how to improve is to know what not to do. That way, you can avoid embarrassment…

Slidetown Launched to Integrate Powerful Storytelling for Presentations That Engage and Persuade

Slidetown, a new firm, has been launched to help businesses incorporate remarkable storytelling into high-impact presentations. The goal of the founders, Danielle Daly Sabaris and Joni Galvao, is to simplify complex messages and manifest that simplicity in a powerful story to dramatically improve business communications and empower presenters with the tools to engage, influence and persuade their audiences. Marketing Technology News: Helsinki-based Apps and User Feedback Management Service Secures $1.1…