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Uri Kogan

AI and the Future of Content Management

For some time now, industry prognosticators have hyped Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning for their transformational potential. The possible use cases for AI are so broad, and their potential value to the enterprise so significant, it’s easy to dream the day away imagining AI-powered robots managing all of our challenging (and tedious) tasks. Day-dreaming aside, we’re still waiting for the full impact of AI for content-centric business applications. To get a sense of how AI is driving the evolution of…

Video is The Future of Content Marketing

In a chat with MarTech Series, Nuxeo's Uri Kogan Predicts that AI Is Going to Be Critical in Creating the Millions of Variants That a Global Content Strategy Demands In 2018,  what would failure sound like? Running a marketing strategy in 2018 without the mention of video campaigns!  Video now plays a central role in marketing outreach and campaign efforts across customer journeys. According to Hubspot, 54% of online customers prefer to see videos from their chosen brands in comparison to emails and social media-based…