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Real-life Food Photography Drives Marketing

Better phone cameras and the popularity of social platforms like Facebook and Instagram mean we all have unprecedented access to photos from people's authentic dining experiences. This type of user-generated content (UGC) has become a force to be reckoned with in the restaurant industry, especially. Consider this: across all ages, 55 percent of consumers trust UGC over other forms of marketing. Additionally, only 15% of people trust recommendations from brands, while 84% of people trust recommendations from people.…

Interview with Tomer Tagrin, Co-founder and CEO, Yotpo

"B2B brands with a larger customer base can absolutely benefit from UGC platforms." Tell us about your role at Yotpo and how you got here. What galvanized you to start Yotpo? I came into this as a consumer, actually. I made a bad purchase of a camera online as a result of trusting fake reviews, and resolved to help others avoid the same fate. In developing Yotpo where I am CEO, my co-founder Omri and I saw the massive opportunity in going beyond just the product page and showcasing UGC across the entire buyer journey,…