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IGTV: A Window into the World of Instagram’s Mobile Users

Horizontal videos – out; vertical videos – in. The rise of Instagram TV (IGTV), Instagram’s vertical video platform sets the stage for marketers and brands to showcase their products, tapping into the format of choice for today’s consumer. New Kid on the Block Instagram’s foray on the vertical video comes as no surprise, as mobile devices garner 60% of all video views worldwide. First to take advantage of this trend was Instagram’s competitors, YouTube and Snapchat. While YouTube reigns supreme when it comes to…

Vertical Video is Spectacularly Misunderstood

Just when you thought vertical video might go away, it reappears with more verve than before. After turning heads on predecessors like Snapchat and Vine, and Instagram’s IGTV have resurrected the discussion on whether it’s truly safe to ignore vertical video in your strategy, or if it should be foundational to your plans. The media industry will tell you vertical video’s popularity is intuitive. We hold our phones vertically to complete most tasks, like typing, reading, and shopping. Why should watching video…