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Vinod Reddy Janapala

Top 5 Best Customer Experience Tools for Banks and Financial Sector

It is a difficult task to manage the seamless customer experience as you need to understand how consumers engage with your service or product and what they want from it. Your work is simplified by using a good customer experience management tool to capture relevant user data and glean actionable insights from it. What is an ideal customer experience tool for banks? It is one that is equipped with effective features like customer feedback capture, contextual help, customer analytics, and content management. 5 Leading…

Top 5 Best Customer Experience Software for Restaurants in 2019

The restaurant business is trendy, viable, and extremely competitive. With the average yearly revenue of around $550 billion, the United States of America alone has more than 6,00,000 restaurants. With growing competition, sustaining restaurant growth is always a challenge. Moreover, the growing trend of online ratings andĀ customer reviews indicates that customers today have a major role in establishing a favorable restaurant presence. Consequently, the industry has also realized that a more customer-centric outlook is the…