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TechBytes with Zephrin Lasker, VP of E-Commerce at Rakuten Viber

Tell us more about your role at Viber and Viber’s e-commerce platform. Viber is the third-largest messaging app in the world with 1 billion registered users. Viber provides a secure platform for private conversations—we’re end-to-end encrypted by default, meaning that we can’t and don’t read or monitor private conversations or listen to private calls happening between users. On the e-commerce side, we work with brands to advertise directly to consumers who consent to engagement. We don’t give brands access to our users’…

TechBytes with Zephrin Lasker, VP, E-Commerce, Rakuten Viber

Zephrin Lasker VP, E-Commerce, Rakuten Viber Rakuten Viber has been at the forefront of the mobile commerce wave. We spoke to Zephrin Lasker, VP, E-Commerce, Rakuten Viber, to understand the latest trends in the space and how Rakuten Viber is leveraging consumer data to drive retargeting and how messaging apps are transforming marketing tactics.Tell us about your role at Viber and the team/technology you handle. I head up the eCommerce function at Viber, which is responsible for the messaging app’s native shopping…