Crafter Software Launches

New online magazine seeks to shed light on the growing importance of incorporating DevOps best practices into content management systems and processes.

Crafter Software, the company behind the open-source Crafter CMS, has launched, an online publication that underscores the benefits of integrating content management systems, tools and workflows into the DevOps process.

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When it comes to web content management, only 16% of marketers said they have the right tech and are using its full potential. And yet in today’s world, it is more important than ever for organizations to be agile and efficient when it comes to producing content-driven experiences. This means eliminating bottlenecks and breaking down the silos that are traditionally found within CMS systems and associated software development and content publishing processes.

DevContentOps processes enable continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous publishing, streamlining the dev/test/release/publish cycles of content-driven applications. It fosters collaboration among content teams, software developers, and operations. aims to inform both business leaders and hands-on practitioners who want to break down those silos and operate content-rich digital experiences across channels—at scale.

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The audience ranges from C-suite professionals — including CEOs, CTOs, CDOs and CMOs — to content managers, product managers, UI/UX designers, software architects and developers, and IT operations. The publication will cover topics such as:

– Emerging DevContentOps tools and processes
– Modern DevOps
– DevSecOps and Cybersecurity
– Content Management and ContentOps
– Headless CMS
– eCommerce and Headless Commerce
– OTT Video Content Management
– AIOps, MLOps and DataOps
– Culture and Leadership

Crafter Software CEO Mike Vertal explained that, “enterprise adoption of DevContentOps is inevitable for organizations that want to remain agile while delivering modern digital experiences”.

“DevContentOps is the inevitable union of DevOps and content management that’s already happening. We’ve seen it emerging at many of our Fortune 2000 clients, and the results have been tremendous. We now want to inform leaders and practitioners of the best practices around enabling collaboration among content teams, software development teams, and operations teams,” said Mike Vertal.

“Consumers now expect more content-driven experiences, with better personalization, across more channels. And those demands will only continue to increase. Software developers and content managers cannot continue to operate within their silos. DevContentOps is the only way to meet this demand, by laying the groundwork that every enterprise needs to build and deliver content-driven experiences at scale,” Vertal continued.

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