Eon Launches Two Special NFT Collections to Celebrate Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Eon to giveaway specially designed NFTs minted on SolSea to people doing fantastic work in the early detection of Lung Cancer.

Healthcare technology leader Eon, whose mission is To Make Patients Healthier and Healthcare Affordable, recently launched two NFT collections. The “Eon Junkyard Dogs” and “Eon Party Parrots” were minted on SolSea to commemorate Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM) and will be given away throughout the month.

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This Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Eon launches its month-long campaign, which starts on Monday, November 1st, 2021, and will last through November. During this campaign, the company will be giving away its specially designed non-fungible tokens (NFTs), launched through SolSea, to people impacting lung cancer and reducing mortality rates of patients who have a high probability of being diagnosed with this catastrophic disease. Eon will recognize these changemakers and celebrate the heroes impacting healthcare positively.

“Eon Junk Yard Dogs and Eon Party Parrots are special NFT collections launched by Eon to celebrate the non-negotiable commitment to Eon’s core values and our team’s unwavering hustle to ensure early detection of catastrophic diseases and to bring real change to healthcare,” said Aki Al-Zubaidi, DO, FCCP, Eon Founder and Co-CEO.

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In addition, Eon will make its healthcare technology available to everyone, regardless of location, later this year via the Eon One app. With this massive breakthrough, anyone in the world can point their camera phone at their radiology reports to discover findings that need additional follow-up. Through Eon One, patients can access the best care recommendations for follow-up, regardless of their location, language, race, sex, or socioeconomic status. Eon will also begin accepting crypto payments utilizing BitPay.

Dr. Aki continues, “There is so much noise in the healthcare sector that it hurts progress. Eon quite simply attacks unnecessary leakage at the point of care and impacts the macro human-level similarly to how crypto has removed silos and crossed borders. The Eon NFT collection is another data point to demonstrate Eon’s differentiation around innovation and inclusivity.”

Eon is committed to utilizing its healthcare technology, in conjunction with emerging technologies like blockchain, to transform healthcare by making patients healthier and healthcare affordable.

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