Harness Announces Software Delivery Superheroes, a Global Community of Innovative Technology Experts

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Software Delivery Superheroes includes leaders from Booking.com, United Airlines, Yum! Brands

Harness, the Modern Software Delivery Platform company™, today at the {unscripted} conference, announced Software Delivery Superheroes, a new program to showcase the work of a global cohort of software delivery pioneers and innovative Harness customers. These Superheroes spearhead software deployment automation at their organizations, and their software delivery and technical knowledge-sharing – from insights to challenges to best practices – have a substantial impact on the broader community.

The program includes networking, speaking at conferences and meetups, and publishing content to encourage dialogue while spotlighting these influential community leaders across a variety of industries. This initial cohort of Software Delivery Superheroes features the following luminaries:

  • Anderson Cipriano (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Executive Manager of Enterprise Architecture at Banco Original, helps enable solution delivery while leading a team that has seen the number of incident and support tickets in production reduced by more than 25% with Harness. Prior to Banco Original, he worked at PDTec and Senac.
  • Laurent Desegur (Melbourne, Australia), General Manager Digital and Assisted Channels at National Australia Bank (NAB), leads technology and operations teams to build and deliver applications and services at scale across NAB & UBank. By leveraging Harness, his team has built an end-to-end centralized pipeline with infrastructure as code, continuous integration, and continuous delivery automated capability to onboard more than 5,000 services at NAB in the next two years. The first iteration successfully onboarded 150 services delivered within 30 days with a target to scale to 1,500 by the end of 2023. Prior to NAB, he worked at Walmart, PayPal, Netflix, Zynga, Apple and Big Fish Games.
  • Leo Kraan (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Director of Technology, Developer Experience at Booking.com, leads language and workflow tooling teams to improve developer productivity and joy. With Harness, he’s seen an 85% reduction in lead time for change for Kubernetes services from 8+ hours to around 1 hour. He was previously at Gamehouse and Ernst & Young.
  • Rajeswari Koppala (Chicago, IL, USA)Senior Manager of DevOps at United Airlines, leads digital transformation of software delivery for the AirportOps team and has a passion for containerization and enterprise-level DevOps-as-a-Service frameworks. Her team has reduced build process time from 22 minutes to 5 minutes with Harness, a 75% improvement. She was previously at Infosys and IBM.
  • Ryan Good (Louisville, KY, USA), Senior Manager, Site Reliability Engineering at Yum! Brands, leads the SRE organization and facilitates the full lifecycle of a service through developer enablement at each step of the way. With Harness, his team can react faster with rollback time reduced from 60 minutes to less than 10 minutes, a more than 85% improvement. Prior to Yum!, he worked at CBS Interactive where he supported web properties such as CNET and TV Guide.

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“I’m honored to be part of this program that will enable more collaboration with peers and software teams,” said Rajeswari Koppala, “The complexities of delivering software today are compounded by digital transformation, the need for security and many factors out of our control, but what we can control is leveraging best-in-class technologies and connecting as a community to improve our knowledge as a whole.”

In today’s economy, enterprises need software development teams to operate with speed and agility, but also securely: factors that are often at odds with each other. That’s where Harness comes in with a focused mission to improve the developer experience and enable every one of the 27 million software developers in the world to deliver code more quickly, securely and efficiently. With over 17 million deployments and counting, customer adoption is accelerating on the Harness Software Delivery Platform, while Harness continues to expand its technology to include advanced tools and features.

“We are grateful to our enthusiastic customers for their contributions to every aspect of software delivery, and for positively impacting innovation across industries,” said Jason Eubanks, Chief Revenue Officer, Harness. “This Superheroes program highlights the digital transformation efforts at leading companies, while building a passionate community.”

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