IntelePeer Launches Atmosphere Marketplace Offering Low-Code and No-Code Communication Apps – An Industry First

Marketplace simplifies the rapid deployment of communication solutions; eliminates the need for developers to build from scratch

IntelePeer, a leading provider of communications solutions, announces the launch of Atmosphere Marketplace which offers a suite of pre-built applications that enhance customer communications. Featuring the industry’s first No-Code/Turnkey apps, Marketplace modernizes the way business communicate with their customers without costly development cycles.

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“The past year has transformed the speed in which businesses operate”

“The past year has transformed the speed in which businesses operate,” says Chris Botting, Chief Product Officer and General Manager, IntelePeer. “During the pandemic, we conceived, created and deployed a Covid hotline that was scaled to statewide coverage within a matter of hours. It became apparent that there is a dire need for the industry to offer easy to implement solutions that can be quickly deployed without scarce development resources. Marketplace was created to scale readily accessible solutions that solve businesses’ most pressing communication challenges.”

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Marketplace offers two levels:

No-Code/Turnkey: For new and current customers, turnkey apps enable businesses to immediately implement communications solutions such as intelligent Call Routing based on Natural Language Processing, to easy interactive voice response (IVR), SMS, and voice auto-response.

Low-Code/Advanced Snap-Ins: These customizable modules enable customers to tailor applications into their existing business workflows. These quick to deploy modules are ideal for high-value implementations such as Payment Processing and Cloud Queuing.

Additionally, IntelePeer also offers Managed Services. For those customers seeking to create a more robust, heavily tailored application with deep business process integrations, IntelePeer’s team of experts will work alongside a business to handle the app customization and deployment.

“Not all apps need to be built from scratch,” continues Botting. “With Marketplace, we’re revolutionizing the traditional heavily code dependent market and eliminating the need for having in-house developers. Our cost-effective applications enable businesses to implement solutions that will quickly deliver value to the company while providing best-in-class communication experiences for their customers.”

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