Art Malkov has joined the rapidly growing team at IoTeX as the company’s new Head of Growth. Most recently, he spearheaded the marketing and growth efforts at Polymarket, an information market platform in the DeFi blockchain space. Now, he is bringing his skills and experience to unlock the potential of the IoTeX ecosystem.

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Art brings over 10 years of experience in scaling digital marketing and blockchain projects. He is the founder of New York City’s largest blockchain community and is combining that knowledge and experience in marketing to effectively broaden IoTeX’s footprint and engage audience in the blockchain space and beyond.

Art will guide IoTeX’s new marketing and growth initiatives, bringing in forward-thinking ideas and energy to tap into the potential of the IoTeX vision. He is taking the lead in further expanding the marketing team, tapping into his resources and connections in the blockchain industry, and allowing the IoTeX team to actualize the ambitious, futuristic, and pioneering vision that has quickly made it a central driving force in blockchain’s growth.

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