Kyro Digital and Veritone Partner to Launch New Blockchain Marketplaces for Enterprise Clients


Kyro announces the first full–stack polygon development platform and series of projects launching on polygon blockchain

Kyro Digital, a platform for Web3 Builders, announced a new collaboration with Veritone, Inc., creator of aiWARE, a hyper-expansive enterprise AI platform. The partnership will make a fast, easy and secure experience for Veritone clients, including individual and enterprise rights holders, to use the Kyro Platform, Builder and API to quickly create and deploy powerful new Web3 business applications that accelerate today’s blockchain transformation.

The Kyro platform empowers users to build and launch fast, scalable blockchain applications, add distributed utility applications and white-label Web3 marketplaces and storefronts, while managing it all from a unified platform. Veritone customers can leverage Kyro Web3 Services, including the Kyro Crypto Builder, Kyro Apps, Kyro Pay and Kyro Blockchain Services, to provide a full Web3 technology stack to innovate.

Today, as part of the collaboration, Kyro is launching a Marketplace with Olympic athlete Cody Miller at The blockchain-powered marketplace will feature custom NFTs representing Cody’s Olympic medals, which come integrated with different tiers of utilities ranging from access to private events, video response tutorials and exclusive access to merchandise.

“We’re excited to partner with Veritone and accelerate their customers’ monetization goals, as well as create a new generation of Web3 blockchain applications through our robust, enterprise–grade platform and API,” said Peter Leeb, co-founder and CRO at Kyro. “As large businesses and brands look to build, grow and scale their operations with new services and experiences, our joint clients will benefit from Kyro’s tech infrastructure and our fast, secure building platform enabling crypto solutions for Veritone’s advanced enterprise solutions, commercial and monetization business applications.”

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“This collaboration provides the opportunity for our clients to diversify their revenue streams through the use of NFTs and to achieve a new level of success in their business,” said Sean King, senior vice president and general manager, Commercial Enterprise, Veritone. “With the Kyro partnership, our clients around the world can create a single storefront and generate revenue and fan engagement from anywhere.”

Kyro Web3 services provide the first full–stack platform, builder and services for blockchain technology infrastructure so enterprise solutions integrators can focus on offering blockchain–enabled business solutions, marketing, monetization, community, loyalty programs and services.

“Inspired by today’s virtual world, I was looking for new ways to connect with my fans,” shared Olympic athlete Cody Miller. “NFTs allow us to celebrate and commemorate special experiences and milestones, so I am excited to share my first NFT Collection!”

The Kyro platform will power and host Cody’s NFTs and products, each of which comes with its own shared experience, such as live meet & greets and exclusive, personalized coaching videos.

Unifying Applications, NFT Building and Management From a Single Platform
Speed-to-market: Kyro’s Integrated Building and App-Enablement Platform accelerates the creation of custom business applications, marketplaces, storefronts, dApps and dSites built on the Kyro platform.

With Kyro Empower, a Multi-Store Blockchain Marketplace Platform, Veritone is able to easily build white-label marketplaces for their enterprise clients, onboard multiple sellers, IP owners, and creators, build storefronts, domains, customize the experience, provide a unified source of truth, and offer blockchain enabled applications to their clients users.

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