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There’s no question that video makes for the best visual storytelling platform, but what does it takes for marketers to focus on building and executing ROI-driven video marketing campaigns? 

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While the death of third-party cookies can make marketers panic that they’ll no longer be able to personalize their messaging to fit individual customers, it can also serve as a catalyst for what should be a new beginning. Marketers can now focus on capturing more first party data, where prospects have consented to share data (and receive communications) and have those systems in place in time for the retirement of third-party cookies. There’s also a lot they can do with anonymous data (without sending cold emails!) that may be less targeted but still beneficial.

Dennis Fois, CEO At Copper 

Top MarTech News of The Week: 19th July to 23rd July 2021

MarTech QnA with the Expert

MarTech Interview with Megan Sakakibara, Vice President Marketing at Unbounce

Conversion Intelligence combines your marketing know-how with data-powered AI insights to create and optimize the highest-converting campaigns possible.

This combination of AI and personal expertise will help SMBs with limited marketing bandwidth scale quickly. We believe it’s the future of marketing, automating the analysis of all of that data, and providing actionable insights to help augment your work as a marketer.-Megan Sakakibara, Vice President Marketing At Unbounce 

Top MarTech Articles on Content Marketing, Data Privacy, The Future Demise of Third-party Cookies!

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