MarTech Interview with Jim Dicso, CEO at SundaySky 

In order to ensure that video marketing efforts are optimized with measurable ROI processes, marketers need to keep a few things in mind; Jim Dicso, CEO at SundaySky has some tips:


Welcome to this MarTech Series chat Jim, can you tell us more about SundaySky and your role as CEO? 

SundaySky helps companies of all sizes deliver video-powered experiences (VX) that deepen engagement, inspiring customers to take actions that are both valuable to them and impactful for the brand.

Customer engagement has always interested me. I spent the majority of my career in sales and sales leadership roles, specifically in the software industry. Previously I was EVP of sales and services for a SaaS provider of real-time online customer engagement solutions. I joined SundaySky a decade ago as president and chief revenue officer and handled all market-facing activity. Then, in 2017, our co-founder and CEO, Shmulik Weller, moved into the role of chief product officer and I was named CEO.

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How are you seeing marketing and sales teams today use video more proactively to create better prospects and customer engagement? Can you highlight examples of some successful campaigns in both B2B and B2C?

We have case studies covering a wide variety of applications across the customer journey both in B2B and B2C.  

In B2C, SelectBlinds uses VX via paid media to acquire new customers, as well as in emails following initial trials to drive sales. The content of the videos focus on guiding consumers on how to measure and self-install window treatments, which are common friction points on the path to purchase. The results of these certain campaigns can speak for themselves: the holistic lifecycle-focused programs earned a 37% lift in email conversions and a 20% above-average order value increase. 

eTrade delivers VX through email and portal placement during critical moments in customer journeys including onboarding new account holders with details on how to easily leverage their trading platform. The company’s initiatives have led to increased funding rates and a lift in average annualized revenue for the business. 

Another household name, Bank of America, delivers compelling individualized VX through email, portal and chatbot, providing Preferred Rewards members with the status of their accrued benefits and additional ones available through greater product use. This strategy during moments of uncertainty has led to deeper customer relationships, as well as a sizable increase in product usage per customer. 

Video is being used in B2B with great success, too. For example, Okta, an identity provider for the internet, uses VX to engage new customers (i.e. IT admins) and increase their understanding of its platform in order to increase usage and future revenue. Additionally, Terradatum, a market analytics platform that helps real estate brokers and agents, uses VX for agents and agencies to market their listings while marketing themselves. 

When it comes to having a great storytelling feature built into digital campaigns today, besides video, what else are you seeing marketers do to boost online interaction and interest?

Video does make for the best digital storytelling; no other medium cost-effectively incorporates visual, sound and graphics. Of course, there’s other promising technology that marketers are using, in particular, companies are leveraging automated services agents like chatbots to enable a dialogue with customers. This tech continues to improve in its ability to use artificial intelligence (AI) to communicate, and customers still have the ability to escalate to a human being if the issue can’t be resolved. It’s a very cost-effective tool.

What are a few best practices you feel today’s marketers need to implement in video marketing strategies?

First and foremost, they must bring agility to their video strategy. The legacy approach of taking weeks to create a single linear video that you hope works is no longer acceptable. Brands must utilize a platform that enables “test and learn” to gain a quick understanding of what’s working best in an iterative fashion. 

Marketers should focus on the holistic viewer experience beyond just the content of the video, too. That entails what happens before, during and after a person clicks to view. Further, they need to leverage data about the viewer so that they can optimize the context and content, increasing the relevance of the video view.

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As the future of marketing evolves, what are some top martech and marketing trends that you feel will shape the segment?

Retention is the new growth for many businesses. When you consider how much brands spend to acquire customers, it’s critical to deliver experiences that strongly connect the person to the brand, and impactful content is the most important element. 

Brands need content velocity, agility and the ability to utilize it across all digital channels, owned and paid. This approach requires brands to rethink content – to ensure they’re reaching customers with the right messages at the right time – and modularity and flexibility are only table stakes. 

Harnessing data for insights should be an important part of strategy as well. Companies that can solve issues through data-driven customer engagement in a cookie-less future will grow in importance and popularity.

Any final thought or takeaway for marketing leaders and CEOs/CMOs to keep in mind through 2021?

Customer experience is how you will compete and win. Period. Put the customer at the center of every decision, design experiences that WOW, measure these at every touchpoint and optimize relentlessly.

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SundaySky is transforming customer experience for the world’s most demanding brands, enabling them to deliver video-powered experiences that drive breakthrough outcomes at moments of consequence across customer journeys.

Jim Dicso is CEO of SundaySky, a video-powered experience provider. At SundaySky, Jim drives the go-to-market strategy, sales execution, business development and revenue growth for SundaySky to support the growing market demand for the company’s solution. 

He has more than 20 years of experience in leadership positions within the SaaS industry. Before SundaySky, Jim was executive vice president of sales and services at LivePerson. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Villanova University.

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