4 Key Benefits Of Using Videos In Your Marketing Strategy

More use of videos in your content and content marketing strategy can help potential customers understand the core nuances of your business and product with a lot more ease. Videos also help strengthen your brand image in the market while creating more engaging relationships with prospects and customers. The basic fundamental to maximizing ROI from your video content is by planning what kind of videos and how you implement it as part of your overall marketing strategy.

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Given Today’s Business Dynamics, Every Marketer Needs Videos to Boost Brand Value

90% of the information that is delivered to your brain is usually visual. In today’s business dynamics, where most brands and marketing / sales teams are jostling for audience attention using the same online channels, it pays to implement different tactics that are not only engaging but also creative enough to help drive better customer and prospect relationships, with the aim of boosting customer retention, upselling initiatives and to even move existing customers or potential prospects through the buying funnel, as the case may be.

People can retain most of the information that they consume via video as opposed to reading lots of text, seeing the rise of video channels, even social channels like Instagram and also the growing use of ”live” features like Live LinkedIn chats, now is indeed the time to ensure that videos play an integral part in your marketing strategy.

Video Can Help Boost your B2B Brand’s Social Media Presence and ROI

B2B marketing runs a lot differently than B2C, though certain similarities will always exist between the two. For B2B marketers, evaluating the success of their social media campaigns is part of their overall content marketing strategy. And for any marketing leader, ensuring better ROI here in a shorter time frame is integral to brand success. We live in an age of digital media and social sharing and in this age, viral content and the use of videos is a given. Users online are more likely to share a video that resonates with their core value, they are also likely to share content that they can relate to or that they find interesting. But amid the volumes of text heavy content online, this is where the use of video can help marketers create social share-worthy content that can drive better results. LinkedIn is a popular go-to channel for any B2B marketer or B2B salesperson today. It’s why thought-leaders in the industry often rely on Live LinkedIn chats and videos to share their thoughts or hold interactions with customers or users on particular topics. What a single video can do in a few moments of use in terms of boosting brand metrics or views creates a large gap in what a single piece of content heavy article or case study can do in the same amount of time.

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Videos and Search Engines go Hand in Hand

YouTube is now the second largest search engine behind only Google. Just placing videos about your brand, your product or even implementing a marketing plan that ensures regular update of video content based on webcasts, video interviews, video case studies or podcasts can boost your brand presence and visibility online. Your brand’s opportunity to show up higher in search results is automatically taken care of and in all, video content can aid your overall SEO efforts and online traffic just because of this. Tying this into your daily social media strategy will ensure that your brand has a solid presence online and ranks well for industry specific search terms.

Now is Not the Time to Pursue Email Marketing without Video

Did you know that the use of the word ‘’video’’ in your email marketing subject line can decrease unsubscribe rates and boost email opens? Match that to relevant contextual content and complete subject lines like ‘’Here’s our latest Video interview on….” or ‘”Watch our latest Video on…’’ can create better email marketing impact. Placing videos of webinars or recent video chats can also boost email click-through rates. Seeing how most users today prefer consuming multimedia content, including podcasts when on-the-go, placing videos into a must-have marketing channel like email marketing is one of the best ways to ensure you are delivering the right kind of consumable content (interactive, engaging, valuable) to readers and receivers who are already inundated with thousands of emails every day.

Videos are Known to Boost Conversion Rates!

According to HubSpot, a simply marketing trick like placing videos in your landing page can help increase your conversion rates by 80%! An engaging video that is presented well can strongly influence buyer behavior while conveying the right message in a shorter period of time. Using videos on landing pages or websites as tutorials, demos, customer case studies are all different ways in which marketing teams can enhance the value of their marketing in a more relevant manner, given today’s customer preferences and their content consumption habits.

Video rich content can complement your marketing plans and help build revenue. For most marketing leaders, video has been part of their content and marketing strategy already, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has only pushed more marketing teams of smaller businesses and companies to imbibe this trend as well. Video appeals to users, it is mobile friendly and it can give your marketing an edge. Moreover, videos can also be used to effectively convey messages of value like Google recently did with their emotional campaign on ‘’getting back to what you love’’ by taking the vaccine. On this note, here’s more on the video while you think about various ways to implement videos successfully into your marketing plans in 2021!

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