A Few of the Top Programmatic Job Advertising Providers 

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The development of technology in various sectors has led to the formation of new ways of incorporating different technology into daily tasks to ease manual work and lessen the overall workload. Human resource management is also integrating technology and software into their work to increase speed and broaden the spectrum of efficiency. With the help of human resource technology, any company can manage tasks easily and conveniently.

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Programmatic Job Advertising

Programmatic Job Advertising can best be described as the use of technology for buying, distributing, and optimizing “job” advertisements. They also cut advertising costs and verify the associated budget automatically across the internet. In simple words, it is the application of a machine-driven, rule-based approach that ensures that the most qualified job-seekers are targeted with the most relevant job ads through the right channel at the right time and cost.

During these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, recruitment teams are under tremendous stress in terms of budgets which has directly impacted the ability to hire according to the plan on given deadlines. Most human resource departments in companies are operating with reduced and uncertain budgets. This has increasingly forced the represents to explore more creative ad cost-effective ways to attract qualified talent. 

It is also especially important to find and attract the right talent irrespective of what the job description is. Rising unemployment due to speed bumps in the market caused by the pandemic has led to a large pool of available candidates willing to perform all kinds of jobs. However, this makes it exceedingly difficult for the recruiter to screen through thousands of applications to find the right candidate. 

Top Programmatic Job Advertising Providers

The horizon of the job advertising landscape is vast and complex. It can be very confusing. There exist thousands of platforms that allow you to publish job ads, but they may not be reliable and may not attract the right talent. To overcome these drawbacks and difficulties, incorporating technology in the recruiting process or using a programmatic job advertising provider can help. To understand the fundamentals of HR technology or martech that helps boost job adverts, the following examples can be a starting point:

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  • Indeed acquired ClickiQ in 2019; it is a programmatic tool. 
  • They support their clients in expanding and publishing content on various other platforms that are outside their parent organizations. 
  • It boasts of machine learning features and capabilities that ensure job campaigns are optimized automatically. 


  • PandoLogic’s programmatic advertising platform called pandoIQ is used by HR firms to quickly source talent across a wide variety of roles and geographies. 
  • They provide AI-enabled automation, which saves time for the HR team in drafting and writing managerial rules for job ads.
  • It helps in eliminating waste and helps attract a large volume of quality talent. 


  • It has a very efficient UI that is wrapped on top of a powerful job advertising platform that allows you to see real-time data. 
  • In addition to the data, it is also possible to manage campaigns directly from their tool.
  • They also have a career page and offer employer branding features.


  • It can be termed as a job advertising agency that incorporates programmatic recruitment tools as a part of its take-in process. 
  • They are not a software platform but are still in demand as they provide high-end programmatic recruitment solutions. 
  • They provide a cumulative managed service. 


  • Adway aims to help companies with more than 500 employees to target job applicants on social media and attract them by providing a brief job description. 
  • They also focus on retargeting offering that serves employer brand-friendly ads to the talent that has visited your job site at a very pocket-friendly price. 


  • Talentify is experienced in using machine learning to understand the current job requirement.
  • It also helps optimize the same by cutting the underperforming job slots and increasing the conversion rates by offering a mobile-first candidate experience.


  • It is a programmatic recruitment advertising platform that is simple, transparent, and user-friendly.
  • This platform incorporates technology efficiently; it harnesses machine learning.
  • It effectively connects clients with the right candidates for the right roles faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

Using programmatic advertising providers to act on a recruiter’s behalf is a great solution for larger companies with a higher rate of recruitment, it also portrays the company to be very efficient and effective while making the entire hiring process easy and fast. 

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