Notix Opens INMA on the 7th of June: Subscribers Engagement Master Class

Notix, a high-tech push notifications service for user retention, engagement, and monetization is going to take part in INMA (International News Media Association) on the 7th of June. Notix will sponsor events opening part Module #1 and the company’s CEO, Karina Arkhangelskaya, will give a master class on how to boost the activity of new push subscribers even amid a slowdown.

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The main focus of the INMA starting session

INMA’s starting session is devoted to strategies that can help customers get new subscribers speed-up. Notix master class will be the opening note at this event. In general, this session will uncover strategies on how to:

  • Improve your value proposition for retention
  • Make your onboarding campaigns more efficient
  • Adapt your practices to cancellation journeys

The session aims at giving you new insights and ideas on user engagement in the critical conditions, like post-COVID life or news fatigue.

Notix has been a member of INMA since autumn 2021. This company is known as one of the market leaders when it comes to push notifications services. Company’s speaker Karina Arkhangelskaya has experience to share, so the master class will include practical recommendations and tips.

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How can Notix help with audience re-engagement?

Notix has a number of tools to make user re-engagement more efficient:

  • Audience segmentation

Notix allows users to segment the audience into smaller groups based on their parameters. Segmentation is key for advanced and precise targeting.

  • High deliverability

Notix deliverability rate is around 100%, because the service sends push notifications when users are online at the specific moment, but also when they leave and then – come back. This means that whenever there is a suitable notification for a user being offline, he will get the content once he comes back online. Frequency and time can be adjusted.

  • Precise statistics

Notix platform provides real-time stats and immediate performance tracking.

  • Automation tools for integration and engagement

Customers can send content via WordPress plugin, RSS or manually to get an additional users re-engagement channel.

These functions are aimed at solving concrete business issues and strengthening audience engagement and re-engagement strategies. This way, Notix strives to help customers and partners broaden their audience and boost income.

Notix also provides an opportunity to monetize subscriber base with brand-safe advertising sending personalized offers that match customers preferences.