Parcel Data Vendor Partners With Placekey’s Free Universal Location Identifier to Ease the Pain of Joining Data

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Late last year, Placekey, the free universal location identifier, launched with the support of over 500 organizations— among them, First American Data Tree, Experian and Snowflake.

Today, Placekey announces a deeper partnership with Landgrid Parcel Data by Loveland Technologies, a leading provider of nationwide parcel data and mapping tools. Loveland Technologies was one of the founding partners of Placekey and now they are making Placekeys + Parcel Data easily accessible to everyone.

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The latest in a string of significant partnerships, the move will enable Landgrid customers to leverage Placekey’s free, universal standard identifier across its broad set of parcel data attributes, which include property geometries, parcel IDs, addresses, ownership, property size information & associated tax assessment data.

A common pain point in the parcel & location data space arises from the fact that address level data vary so differently & are often formatted differently across datasets, making it difficult to merge multiple datasets containing variants of a single address. Most verticals today work with multiple location datasets – be it POI data or buildings or parcels.

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Placekey addresses this problem by creating and sharing a unique identifier for each address, latitude longitude coordinate pair, or Point of Interest (POI), allowing location datasets to be seamlessly joined based on each addresses’s unique Placekey.

“Our company, Loveland Technologies, is obsessively focused on parcel data,” says Jerry Paffendorf, the company’s CEO and Founder. “Making data matching easier is a no brainer for us, because we spend so much time helping people connect other spatial datasets— addresses, latitude longitude coordinates, all of it — back to parcel data.” He continues, “These tools will give our users a much quicker parcel-based lookup by connecting it with other datasets. We anticipate assisting our broad range of existing customers and industries through the use of Placekey as the ecosystem develops.”

Landgrid customers stand to benefit from the partnership by using Placekey’s universal standard location identifier in addition to Landgrid’s proprietary universal Parcel ID to solve thorny problems in address and POI matching, address normalization, deduplication, and entity resolution.

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