The Metaverse Spectrum, the Internet’s leading B2B Metaverse Information portal, announced today the success of the Metaverse 100 awards ceremony. This event was to honor the companies recognized for their outstanding achievements in Metaverse technologies. The ceremony was held in New York City at the nexus of world finance, the gleaming One World Trade tower.

“This conference was a technological feat never tried before,” said Sabrina George, Sr. VP of The Metaverse Spectrum

Attendees included CEOs and recipients of the METAVERSE 100 awards. The in-person breakfast, hosted by PRophet, a Stagwell Marketing Cloud Company, was the celebratory conclusion to The Metaverse Spectrum’s inaugural events, including the Metaverse B2B Conference & Expo, which brought hundreds of Web3 luminaries together in the metaverse.

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View the honorees here.

In a first-of-its-kind event, conference attendees from around the world mingled, traded business contacts and attended presentations in real time at the Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference and Expo on Oct. 25. The conference from Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference, LLC, took place 100 percent in the metaverse.

Metaverse B2B Conference & Expo attracted key stakeholders in an industry that’s expected to grow to $5 trillion by 2030. The conference covered 32 subjects on the topic of the metaverse in one day. Over 400 live conversations took place between attendees, with more than 1,700 views across all programming tracks.

“This conference was a technological feat never tried before,” said Sabrina George, Sr. VP of The Metaverse Spectrum, adding that it encountered no technical difficulties with attendees gaining access to the conference.

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“Not only were attendees pleased with the Web 3.0 conference platform, they were also happy with the educational content presented,” George said. “People from all over the world interacted in group conversations–you can’t get that out of a Zoom breakout chat room or a livestream. They were in control of their own navigation with the freedom of talking to whomever they wanted. That’s as close to being in person as you can get.”

Metaverse conference speaker Josh Drean, co-founder, CEO of Videography at Drean Media, remarked in his own YouTube recap video how exciting it was to be at the conference and what a privilege it was to speak about the metaverse, NFTS and crypto networks. To people still reluctant to embrace the metaverse because they’re tired of all the changing technology, Drean gave this advice: “Reality of life is we don’t sit still very long, and so it’s important to embrace new technologies and move forward because the future of work isn’t held by the people who are living in the past.”

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