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Trasers, a First of its Kind Data Company, Enables Business and IT Leaders to Confidently Navigate The Massive Task of Digital Transformation

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Globally Peer-sourced Data Drives Understanding, Alignment and Partnership Across Business and IT Leadership via a Digital Collaboration Platform

Trasers, the source for unbiased digital transformation data and insights, launched with the purpose of enabling businesses to evolve their products, service portfolios and value chain — meeting the changing needs of their customers and addressing global business challenges. Trasers insights enable business and IT leaders to understand their level of digital maturity by harnessing their own available data stores and knowing how best to approach their individual transformation goals.

Trasers was born from the challenges the founder personally faced by going through a digital transformation. The company has now created a continually updated database of over 1.5 million data points gleaned from over 5,000 organizations worldwide. These deep, role-specific insights facilitate the development of strategies and roadmaps needed to navigate digital transformation in each unique business sector. Trasers offers unbiased, data-focused insights based on millions of data points tailored to each department of a company. Trasers data is easily accessible within organizations, enabling them to provide critical insights across teams and departments.

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“It’s unfair to view digital transformation as an IT problem; In a landscape of rapidly changing customer behavior and disruptive technologies, digital transformation is about reimagining your core product or service value proposition and reinventing the business value chain to deliver consistent and connected experiences” said Sri Manchala, CEO and founder of Trasers. “There is a great urgency but also a high level of misunderstanding and siloed initiatives. Our core belief is that company leaders must take a holistic approach to digital transformation, one in which each member of the leadership team has a critical stake and unbiased data points to inform every step of the process. No one can match the power of our data, nor the critical insights it brings.”

Trasers’ data indicates that the majority of digital transformations fail when CIOs, IT and business leaders address core business challenges with a ‘technology-first’ approach. This thinking impacts their ability to positively improve the customer value proposition and experience. Instead, Trasers provides every stakeholder an ability to impact the customer experience from the outset through unfettered, unbiased and actionable insights that should be used to determine their transformation path.

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Organizations often have difficulty understanding their digital IQ and where they sit on the digital maturity spectrum because until now, there has never been a way to benchmark their efforts against similar organizations. Trasers brings clarity to the digital transformation process through peer-sourced data, allowing leaders to get a systematic understanding of their responsibility and impact in the digital transformation of their companies, creating better business optimization and exceptional customer service outcomes.

Trasers Core Offerings
Trasers offers digital transformation insights customized for board members, CEOs, business and technical leaders across 18 industries. Key service offerings include:

  • Digital Transformation Reports by Role & Industry: Learn about digitalization by your role and industry.
  • Digital Transformation Certifications by Role and Industry: Beginning January 2020, Trasers subscribers will gain access to FREE certifications in their role.
  • Digital Transformation Blueprint and Roadmaps: Benchmark against Trasers data to understand your competitive digital maturity and transformation priorities.
  • Digital KPI Frameworks: Build your post-digital KPI framework to track your progress and ROI.
  • Custom Digital Transformation Research: Answer company- and role-specific transformation questions.

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