Cloud Based Video Conferencing Service, IVCi, Discusses the Best Way to Start Your Career in the AV Technology Field

Cloud based video conferencing service, IVCi, discusses the best way to start your career in the Audio Visual (AV) technology field.

The AV technology industry is currently thriving. Therefore, a career as an AV technician is a great opportunity for someone looking to get into the technology space. If a career in the AV technology field interests you, here are some best practices for getting started.

Be willing to learn. There are a lot of technical terms to learn when working with different audio, video, and computer technologies. Having a knowledge of electrical equipment is essential, but knowing the basics of audio production, photo/videography, and digital media technology is useful too. Being open to learning about new fields can give you the knowledge baseline you need to succeed in AV.

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Hone your related experience. Employers will hire technicians even if they do not have direct experience in AV, since a lot of the skills are transferrable from other fields. Spending time working with computer equipment and manufacturers, virtual data rooms, circuit boards, processors, hardware and software, etc. will make you more attractive to potential employers. Keep a portfolio or website with detailed information about your work in these areas.

Improve your communication and critical thinking skills. AV technicians rely heavily on communication and critical thinking skills. There are often times where AV technicians have to work closely beside other technicians, as well as have to troubleshoot complex problems to create a solution. AV technicians must be willing and able to answer customer questions in a clear, concise way at any time.

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Maintain a positive attitude. While you can’t control what happens in some situations as an AV technician, you can control your attitude towards it and your reaction to it. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude throughout. A positive attitude impacts the customer experience and the team experience, making you more likeable and memorable to clients and fellow team members.

A career in AV technology can be extremely rewarding. Using these tips to get started in your career, you can be a successful AV technician in a growing field.

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