Lomotif Welcomes its Special Guests Lil Nas X and The Kid Laroi to Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC)

Lomotif Launches Lomo TV At EDC, Streaming all kineticFIELD Performances and Exclusive Live Backstage Interviews with Lil Nas X and The Kid Laroi

Lomotif, the popular video-sharing social networking platform and TikTok rival, welcomed its special guests Lil Nas X and The Kid Laroi to the 2021 Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC) as the duo made a surprise performance during the festival.  Lomotif used the occasion to launch LoMo TV – a new entertainment and lifestyle network offering original programming within the Lomo app. LoMo TV begins airing live today where it is a streaming partner.  During EDC LoMo TV will feature exclusive backstage content and interviews at the concert, as well as an exclusive performance from Lil Nas X and a new song debuting from the superstar artist.

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It was Ted Farnsworth (Chairman of Lomotif parent company ZASH Global Media) and Olivia Rudensky, (CEO and Founder of FANMADE), who made the 11th hour arrangements for Lil Nas X and Kid Laroi to perform for fans live, with millions able to share the experience remotely via the Lomotif livestream and through LoMo TV.

LoMo TV will feature TikTok personality Matt Peterson (mattpeterson_), and hundreds of popular digital influencers who will be backstage at EDC giving viewers exclusive interviews and content throughout the weekend.

Lomotif was chosen as an official streaming partner for the world’s largest EDM festival alongside YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and Roblox. Lomotif is exclusively streaming all performances on kineticFIELD , the main stage at EDC. The deal is designed to increase the global social media distribution of EDC which is currently taking place in Las Vegas.

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“EDC is the perfect venue for us to launch LoMo TV, a full scale entertainment and lifestyle programming with hours of original programming,” said Ted Farnsworth, chairman, ZASH. “As leaders in music and entertainment, we are building on the launch of LoMo Records and will look to continue to disrupt the music and entertainment industry.”

LoMo TV is the most recent Lomotif brand extension, following the launch of LoMo Records, the L.A. based independent immersive record label. Continuing its mission to empower independent artists and creators, LoMo Records is partnering with artists and creators to provide expert label services and global distribution to breaking new talent from their platform Lomotif as well as work with other music labels. LoMo Records leverages parent company ZASH Global Media’s entire ecosystem including dramatically expanding the artists global reach through their proprietary social media accelerator platform under AdRizer. LoMo Records bridges the gap between the traditional music standards and the emerging creator economy.

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