RigNet Expands Its Adaptive Video Intelligence Suite with Video Motion Analytics

RigNet, Inc., the leading provider of ultra-secure, intelligent networking solutions, introduced video motion analytics as an addition to its Adaptive Video Intelligence (AVI) suite.

Video motion analytics expands the “Intelligence” feature of AVI, RigNet’s comprehensive remote video intelligence system that delivers cost-efficient, high-quality video streams and analysis using ultralow bandwidth. This end-to-end video monitoring solution suite is flexible enough to handle any camera feed, including CCTV, analog, IP, thermal, drones, wearables, ROVs, diver units and other cameras, allowing RigNet’s customers to have situational awareness of their sites and assets using their current video infrastructure or other user interfaces such as web, mobile apps and video walls.

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As virtual network operation centers are becoming a requirement to support and reduce the number of personnel needed onsite, conventional CCTV systems require viewers to constantly observe monitors to determine if an incident has occurred. The effectiveness of these conventional systems is further taxed by the number of feeds scrutinized. AI-powered video analytics trigger notifications allowing users to watch minutes rather than hours of footage, significantly reducing the risk associated with screen fatigue.

“AVI’s video motion analytics maximizes system life and protects investment value,” said RigNet Vice President of Products and Services, Edward Traupman. “Our state-of-the-art video analytics and AI technology increases operational awareness in real time to ensure the safety of personnel and assets, notifying key personnel as events occur.”

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Video motion analytics monitors and analyzes remote worksites and detects conditions that threaten, or are in violation of, predetermined Health, Safety, and Environmental standards. This video intelligence solution offers a variety of standard and industry-specific analytics such as safe-zones, hazardous objects left behind, and “man down” which recognize rule-based incidents and display and distribute graphical warnings at virtual network operations centers.  In addition, critical personnel are automatically notified via a range of options which include email, audio messages, text, etc.  These alerts prompt personnel to focus their attention on the screen displaying the incident so they can take the appropriate action, increasing monitoring effectiveness and efficiency and significantly improving response times.

RigNet is a global technology company providing customized communications services, applications, real-time machine learning, and cybersecurity solutions to enhance customer decision-making and business performance. RigNet delivers a digital transformation bundle that accelerates technology adoption and empowers customers to be always connected, always secure, and always learning. RigNet is headquartered in Houston, Texas with operations around the world.

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