New Social Media Platform Baund is About Going Against Viral Trends


Baund promotes individualized creative expression with its monetizable music library and fine-tune video- and audio-editing settings

On Jan. 21, IDID Inc.’s CEO Young Lee announced Baund made its global launch on the Apple App Store. Baund is a new short-form social media platform that promotes individualized creative expression. It has an exclusive music library that holds over 400 instrumental beats created by some of Korea’s best producers. Genres range from hip-hop, dance, K-pop, and more.

These simplistic beats invite users to add their own artistic flair on top — whether that be rap lyrics, melody, dance choreography or any other desired art form. They don’t hold copyright restrictions, giving artists complete authority to monetize any content that makes use of the tunes.

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Another notable feature is Baund’s easily accessible audio- and video-editing tools. Users can produce professional-looking music videos from within the app due to finer control settings over video and audio. It also offers a highly sophisticated voice-tuning technique called “SlayTune,” embedded AR masks, and 3D video filters for enhanced content quality.

“Baund’s motto is ‘Do Your Thing,'” said CEO Lee. “The best way to express yourself is with your own art. Let’s stop falling for viral trends that simply copy other people’s lyrics or moves. It’s time you take creative control.”

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