WISI Launches Local ABR Channel Insertion for Edge Deployments

WISI, a world leader of edge video delivery solutions, has announced the immediate availability of Local Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Channel Insertion. As operators migrate residential and bulk accounts to multiscreen offerings, they are struggling to continue support for local content. A first in the market, WISI’s solution enables video operators to differentiate their hospitality offering by ensuring locally generated content remains part of the TV service when upgrading a site to a modernized deployment.

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For multiple dwelling units (MDUs), hotels and other commercial properties, locally generated channels serve as a marketing tool to provide valuable information for residents and guests. In addition to billboard-style announcements, MDUs provide residents with access to security cameras from the lobby or the front gate.

“When operators upgrade video networks to multiscreen delivery, it’s critical to maintain the level of service hospitality accounts are accustomed to,” said Sharen Sandhu, VP of Product at WISI America. “The previous way to include local content no longer works. With ABR video delivery, operators needed a new solution that didn’t exist until now. WISI saw this gap in the market and addressed it.”

WISI’s Local ABR Channel Insertion encodes video streams from SDI or HDMI, packages the content to MPEG-DASH or HLS, and includes an origin server for streamlined delivery. The solution is deployed at the edge to avoid packaging at a central location which consumes unnecessary bandwidth. The packaged streams are incorporated into the site’s multiscreen TV line-up for direct delivery to end user devices such as phones, tablets, and Smart TVs.

Operators not only save bandwidth with WISI’s solution, but also gain significant operational efficiencies with integrated analytics and centralized monitoring.

With WISI’s state of the art solution, video operators can now leverage the flexibility of ABR delivery while maintaining local content for their commercial accounts.

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